The Narcissistic Family System

The Narcissistic Family System

Q. I’m not sure if my parent was narcissistic and I don’t feel comfortable giving them that label, but I have many of the characteristics listed for an adult child … Read more

hope for narcissistic abuse

Stages of Grief When Realizing A Narcissistic Relationship

Q-I’ve realized my parent (or partner) may be narcissistic and my world feels shattered. Now what? Coming to the realization that you have been in or are in a relationship … Read more

narcissistic mother

Mother’s Day Dread- Narcissistic Mother

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. While most families take this time to shower the mothers in their lives with love and gratitude, what do you do when you … Read more

Narcissistic abuse

What is Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissism seems to be a bit of a buzzword these days. The name gets thrown around to label family members, bosses, and political figures. Some are deserving and some maybe … Read more

Should You Go ‘No-Contact’ With a Narcissistic Step-Parent?

Should You Go ‘No-Contact’ With a Narcissistic Step-Parent?

If you are considering going ‘no-contact’ with a narcissistic step-parent you are not alone. Many people just like you are wrestling with this same question. When we think of a … Read more

Therapy for Narcissistic Abuse

Why I Work With Narcissistic Abuse

Someone asked me recently why I love to work with those impacted by narcissistic abuse. The truth is, it’s a deeply personal reason. My journey through life includes having to … Read more

Therapy for Narcissistic Abuse

Healing From Narcissistic Abuse: When No One Understands

Recognizing you are in (or have been in) a narcissistic abusive relationship is a lonely and isolating experience. Most people have never even heard the term narcissistic abuse, let alone … Read more