Individual Therapy

Live free from anxiety and wounds of the past

Anxiety Therapy Arizona

Are you ready to prioritize healing?

Life offers a smorgasbord of challenges, big and small. But sometimes the biggest obstacle is our own inner critic.

Even if you are aware of why you find it so challenging to enjoy life, the knowing doesn’t give you access to how to create the change you desire.

Do you struggle with:

Chronic anxiety, nerves, or worry?

Unhealthy and co-dependent relationships?

The lingering effects of past trauma?

Always putting other people first?

Feeling like you are not fulfilling your potential?

When it is no longer tolerable that the past undermines your experience of life in the present, a door to healing opens.

Are you ready to step through?

Therapy for adult children of narcissists Oregon, Arizona, Washington

Therapy offers powerful tools for change.

Very few of us were taught the tools to attain peace, happiness, and fulfillment. But they do exist!

A relationship with your therapist, in which you feel safe, seen and unconditionally accepted, is a powerful space where you can explore deeply within yourself.

Using a combination of powerful ancient and modern tools and therapeutic approaches, you can create positive, proactive change in your life that alters how you work, play, and be with the people in your world.

Discover how to:

End the cycle of repetitive, dysfunctional patterns, even if they were passed down to you through generations.

Live without brain fog, overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion.

Feel confident to live as your authentic self.

Be present, connected, and peaceful.

All of this and more is possible when you commit to your own healing journey and participate fully in the process.

“The relationship between you and your therapist can be life changing.”

Therapy for adult children of narcissists Oregon, Arizona, Washington

Introducing Elizabeth Trautwein

Elizabeth Trautwein Therapy Portland

Elizabeth Trautwein, LPC LMHC

I am a Licensed Professional Therapist/Counselor in private practice, serving residents of Arizona, Washington and Oregon with Telehealth Therapy.

My own healing journey led me to specialize in working with anxiety and those hurt by narcissistic abuse, realizing that fulfilling, healthy relationships are possible for everyone.

As a therapist, I have a deep investment in my clients’ healing, and I am dedicated to helping them live with freedom, connection, authenticity and joy.

Breaking repetitive patterns of the past is a process, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Anxiety Therapy Arizona

My approach to therapy

What is distinct about my approach is that I empower you from day one to direct your own therapeutic journey. My clients come to therapy with an intention for the session and they control the journey and pace. They have a deep commitment to healing and are active in doing the work outside both in and out of therapy time.

In our sessions I call on a toolbox of theories, models and approaches for healing wounds from the past, and empowering you in the present. Clients report feeling truly cared for, and understood like never before.

The main theoretical framework I use is called "Contemplative Psychology" which is a blend of Buddhist teachings and Western psychology. I combine this with Internal Family Systems, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory and Somatic Psychology. In practice I also use meditation, visualization, parts work, plus tools and techniques that integrate mind & body.

I help my clients integrate mind and body while reconnecting to, and trusting, their intuition. I also help them establish boundaries and overcome co-dependent patterns. Much of the work I do is healing inner child/attachment wounds and learning to manage uncomfortable and difficult emotions.

This process can be painful at times and asks of you to bravely challenge and re-evaluate the way in which you interpret life.

With this work you can:

Enjoy healthy, nurturing relationships.

Feel confident and complete.

Discover your authentic voice.

Feel grounded and in touch with your intuition.

Courageously choose the direction of your life.

It is my great privilege to work with clients who are ready to do the work. They experience powerful, life changing shifts and transform the way they experience this world.

Are you ready for life changing growth?

I am always excited to work with clients who are ready to make the changes they want to see in their lives.

I offer a free 15-minute video consultation, to see if we are right for each other. This consultation is a safe space where you can experience the work and decide whether to take this journey together.

I offer therapy to residents of Arizona, Washington and Oregon.

please note...
I do NOT accept insurance!

You can read why in the FAQ (below)


Limited new clients starting in fall 2023.

All times are listed in Pacific Standard Time.

I serve residents of Arizona, Washington,
and Oregon.

Therapy for adult children of narcissists Oregon, Arizona, Washington

Clients say...

“Elizabeth is a gifted, intuitive, highly skilled therapist who adeptly balances the need for safety with the need to be challenged and encouraged. If you have experienced trauma and abuse from personality-disordered people, Cultivate and Flourish is a safe, healing place for you. I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth.”

“It took time and care and hard work, but I am so thankful to be where I am today; to have answers to my questions, to be empowered, and to be moving forward into a life of healing and happiness.”

Therapy for adult children of narcissists Washington, Arizona, Portland


How much does therapy cost?

Therapy sessions cost $175 per session and are typically 55 minutes long. The frequency depends on your needs, budget and availability in my schedule.

Acceptable forms of payment are credit card, or Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

I am licensed to offer counseling/therapy in Oregon, Washington, and Arizona and offer video therapy using a HIPPA compliant program.

Do you accept insurance for therapy?

The short answer is no. I have made a conscious choice to not accept insurance in my practice. Why? Because I believe that the therapeutic relationship is sacred between you and me.

If I were to accept insurance, your insurance company may ask to see your charts, which is a breach of the privacy and safety we create when you undertake therapy. I believe strongly that you should be free to say whatever you want in therapy without fear of it becoming part of an official record.

However, I can give you a statement so that you can apply for reimbursement for out-of-network benefits if you wish to do that in your own way.

How long is the commitment to therapy?

If we decide to work together after our initial consultation, I ask that you make a three-month commitment to therapy, although the frequency is up to you. This will give us time to develop a therapeutic relationship, explore deeply the challenges you are facing, and see results from your work. 

However, if it doesn’t feel right, you are welcome to discontinue treatment, the journey is yours and you are in the driver’s seat.

What types of therapy do you specialize in?

I work with teens through adults, and specialize in offering therapy for the following:

  • Therapy for the children of narcissists.
  • Therapy to successfully navigate life transitions.
  • Therapy for anxiety & stress
  • Therapy to overcome troubling relationship patterns and co-dependency.

Do you specialize in narcissistic abuse?

Yes. You can have healthy relationships after experiencing a narcissist in your life!

I offer comprehensive services for individuals who are experiencing trauma from a past narcissistic relationship, and adult children of narcissists.

What are the symptoms of narcissistic abuse?

Narcissistic abuse shakes the very core of who we are and fills us with doubt that slips into every aspect of our lives.

You may have been in a narcissistic relationship if you experience:

  • Intrusive flashbacks or repetitive thoughts of the person.
  • Relapsed emotions which feel as though the abuse is presently happening.
  • Avoiding any people, places or situations that remind you of the person.
  • Feelings of social isolation and detachment from others.
  • Feeling like you’re walking on eggshells, highly alert all the time.
  • Feelings of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress.
  • Feeling like you’ve lost yourself and your self-worth.
  • Physical symptoms: headaches, stomachaches, difficulty sleeping or nightmares.
  • Brain-fog, inability to concentrate, or memory loss.
  • Feeling highly emotional, experiencing mood swings or feelings of alienation.
  • Believing you can’t trust others.
  • Feeling stuck in a cycle.
  • Being a people pleaser.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety is a fundamental and inherent response that protects us from danger. Since our existence, anxiety has helped us survive. But in a modern world, it can be set off by a plethora of everyday stressors, preventing us from functioning optimally in our jobs, relationships and dampening the pleasures of life. 

Common symptoms of anxiety:

  • Feeling tense, nervous, and restless.
  • Brain-fog, exhaustion, and lack of focus.
  • Panic, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, trembling or sweating.
  • Worrying about danger or impending doom.
  • Stomach issues or insomnia.

If chronic anxiety is affecting your experience of life, there is hope!

I offer a variety of therapeutic techniques and mindfulness practices and will teach you tools and techniques for the prevention and relief of anxiety.

Is Telehealth therapy as good as in-person therapy?

Even though I was unsure at first. The answer is yes!

I have found Telehealth therapy not only to be flexible and workable (even during a pandemic!) but that the connection with my clients is just as palpable. Clients have expressed surprise at how quickly they have adjusted to Telehealth, especially some who were also very skeptical in the beginning.

Overall, I do not feel the pace, depth, or value of the therapy has been affected. Clients have still been able to do deep healing work, just as they have in my office, and I am continually amazed at the work that they do.

I offer telehealth therapy in Oregon, Washington and Arizona.