Why I Work With Narcissistic Abuse

Therapy for Narcissistic Abuse

Someone asked me recently why I love to work with those impacted by narcissistic abuse. The truth is, it’s a deeply personal reason. My journey through life includes having to heal from narcissistic abuse myself. I know what it is like to tell someone about the experience and have them look at you blankly. They offer support in the best way they can but you know deep down they just don’t get it. That can be an incredibly lonely and isolating experience.

I understand the deep pain of being shut out emotionally from someone you love, told you are crazy, and have been made to believe that everything is your fault. I get it when other people tell you that relationships are hard and you need to ‘just keep trying to make it work.’ But deep inside you wonder, “Am I really suppose to be feeling this hurt in a relationship?”

Once you recognize that you have been a victim of narcissistic abuse, what you have experienced all becomes clear. But then you are left wondering if anyone will ever love you. You question if you have made it up and go through moments of minimizing the experience. And as the thoughts spiral and loop around in your mind, you always come back to questioning yourself, wondering if you are loveable. After all, you have been told over and over again that you are not.

Healing is Possible

It’s incredible to watch a client heal from the deep pain of narcissistic abuse. To watch them slowly begin to reclaim their lives and believe in themselves once again. At some point they are able to set boundaries that honor who they are. They recognize their potential in life. They shed the negative beliefs that someone else has told them. As their healing journey continues, they are able to state with full belief that they are worthy of love and hold hope that someday they will be able to share their love with someone new.

I have watched many individuals heal from narcissistic abuse and go on to form healthy and meaningful relationships. The healing journey can be long and it is definitely not easy. But it is always totally worth it.

I do this work because I can use my knowledge as a therapist and my personal experience to offer clients a healing experience they cannot find in other therapy. I sit with people and watch the relief on their face as they recognize that finally someone really gets what they have experienced. I can put words to their experience and name feelings that they are too scared to do for themselves. They no longer feel crazy and they no longer feel alone! I can offer people hope when they cannot find it for themselves

Experienced Narcissistic Abuse?

For anyone who has experienced emotional, verbal or narcissistic abuse I offer you this…

It is not your fault
You are not crazy
You are not alone
You deserve to be loved!

From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry that you know what I’m talking about. Please do not lose hope, healing is possible!!

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