What is Telehealth Therapy?

What is Telehealth?

What is Telehealth?

Also known as Online Counseling, Online Therapy, Telehealth Therapy, and E Therapy, Telehealth is the practice of providing therapy sessions either over the phone or via live video chat. Although Telehealth and online therapy is not a new concept, recent global health issues have created a more urgent need for effective therapy via remote means.

Ultimately this means more options and accessibility for clients to get the help they desire, regardless of their location or mobility.

Once you have access to a phone or a computer with the internet, you can have a live therapy session.

How does Telehealth Therapy work?

On the morning of your appointment, you will receive a unique video link. You simply click on the link at your appointment time and it takes you to a virtual waiting room that then connects us. Pretty simple.

If you wish to talk via phone instead, I will call you at the appointed time using a secure line.

How secure are Telehealth therapy services?

I offer Telehealth therapy services via a secure HIPPA compliant software technology called SimplePractice that ensures the connection will not be 'hacked into.' It's a protected virtual space that includes bank-level data encryption, secure messaging, and privacy protection.

What is the best location for a Telehealth session?

When planning your online therapy session, it is best to find a location that will be private and uninterrupted for the duration of your call. Choose a place where you feel comfortable talking freely without being overheard.

My clients have gotten creative! To date, some telehealth therapy has taken place in bedroom closets, cars, and in backyards. Some clients have chosen to do phone sessions and use that time to 'walk and talk.' The important part is you feel comfortable and safe.

Is Telehealth therapy as good as in-person therapy?

It will always be my preference to be in a room with a client. However, Telehealth has provided an opportunity for me to provide my specialty to clients who are not located in the same city. It's also meant the therapy work has not stopped with the current pandemic. Clients have expressed surprise at how quickly they have adjusted to Telehealth, especially some who were very skeptical in the beginning.

Overall, I do not feel the pace, depth, or value of the therapy has been affected. Clients have still been able to do deep healing work, just as they have in my office and I am continually amazed at the work that they do.

My Approach

Therapy is the journey of a lifetime and it is important that you find the right person to work with.

If you believe I may be the right person for you, please read my approach and book a free consultation so that we can see if we are the right fit!