Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy for Narcissist abuse

"When I found out about narcissistic personality disorder and got to work with Elizabeth, everything became clear.
It took time and care and hard work, but I am so thankful to be where I am today; to have answers to my questions, to be empowered, and to be moving forward into a life of healing and happiness."

Therapy is a deeply personal experience.

How much you get from it will be determined by a number of variables, the most important being the relationship between you and your therapist.

When you feel safe and heard by your therapist, therapy can provide a place to explore yourself by going deeper into your thoughts and feelings. For many people, a successful therapuetic relationship can be life-changing.

What if Therapy Doesn't Work?

Sometimes you may not feel safe or "heard" by your therapist or you may feel that you didn't achieve anything.

This does happen and it is not a reflection on you. This is usually because there is not the right "match" between you and your therapist.

If this has happened to you in the past, don't give up, the right person is out there. When you find the right match, you will experience feeling safe and understood. Then the work can begin!

What is it Like to Work With Me?

First, we will have a free introductory consultation. This is very important so that you can decide if I am the right person to work with you. This is not a sales call. During this consultation, you get to decide if you feel safe, connected and if I am the person to help you.

If the answer is yes, we will begin!

During our sessions, I will meet you where you are at in your life. I use humor, gentle challenging and I will ask questions to help you see your situation clearly. I will give you the space to gain the insights yourself and most importantly, I will encourage you to talk openly. Anything and everything is okay to talk about during your sessions.

If you are in or have recently been in a narcissistic relationship, I will help you to understand what just happened. The experience is incredibly confusing. You may have felt trapped in the relationship, not knowing why you kept going back. Or, you may need help healing from the emotional abuse you just endured.

We will work together to help you understand more about narcissism, how they hook you in, the ploys that are used, and the impact it has had on you.  Remember that healing is possible!

"You can have healthy relationships
after experiencing a narcissist in your life..."

For Individual Clients...

I work with teens through adults who have experienced or are currently experiencing a narcissistic relationship in their life. Although this is my specialty, I also have experience working with…

  • Anxiety
  • Co-dependency
  • Relationship issues
  • Sexual, emotional and verbal abuse
  • Personal growth

I know that forming new relationships can be hard and I want to help you to take the first step.

Making the first call can be scary. So I offer a free 15 minute consultation over the phone, so that you can see if I am the right person to help you. It's a conversation in a safe space where you can experience the work and make a choice that feels right.Counseling Approach


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The Finer Details

I work with individuals who are ready to make a commitment to their healing. Therapy takes time and this is an investment in yourself and your future!

Every person is different and comes to therapy for a different reason. However, the average length of treatment is 4-6 months.

Although you are welcome to discontinue treatment at any time, I ask that you make a three-month commitment when starting our work together. This allows time to develop a therapeutic relationship, explore deeply what you are hoping to change, and begin to see results. Typically sessions are weekly in the beginning, although we will work together to find a frequency that fits your goals and budget.

Sessions are typically 60 minutes long and cost $150 per session.

Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, credit card or Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

I offer video therapy using a HIPPA compliant program for residents of Oregon and Washington.

Please note: Many people ask about insurance coverage. I have made a conscious choice not to get involved with insurance because I believe that the therapeutic relationship is between you and me. When using insurance, the company may ask for your charts, which means that your charts are no longer confidential. I believe that your privacy and safety come first and this is why I refrain from putting my clients in this position.